Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to the Wisconsin Migration Research Group

Hello Migrationists!

This is the temporary & unofficial homepage of the Wisconsin Migration Research Group. We are a student organization based at the University of Wisconsin at Madison for individuals interested in the study of migration and immigrants. We are a cross-disciplinary research and discussion group from different social science and humanities fields and different methods and approaches to the study of migration. We have members from the fields of sociology, political science, anthropology, English, geography, education, human development, and many other departments.


We had our first formal meeting in April 2006 to talk about expectations and activities for the next school year, 2006-2007. To get the minutes, e-mail Mytoan Nguyen at Mnguyen [at]


To join our listserve, please e-mail either Steven Alvarado, salvarado [at], or Vinthany Souvannarath, souvannarath [at]

Our faculty advisor is Professor Ted Gerber in the Department of Sociology at UW-Madison. Professor Gerber is teaching the Sociology seminar on migration in Fall 2006 for graduate students.

There are a number of faculty on the UW-Madison campus who conduct research related to the study of migration and migration processes, and an even longer list of graduate student researchers who are interested in enlarging the space to do such research.


If you are a member of the organization and would like to have your website linked to this blog, please e-mail Mnguyen [at]


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Wooo! A web presence! The first step on the way to taking the research world by STORM!!!


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